Our Christmas- Part 2

Happy New Year– we are quite excited for 2011, it looks to be a great year.

Although you did see the fantastic photos we took for Christmas– does there  seem to be something missing? Oh right, PRESENTS!

(Sally) So I will begin with a blurry photo of me…. looking gorgeous as usual!

(Rosey Posy) And zooming out to a broader view (and not of Sally)… look at our wonderfully fantastic cage! 2ft by 6ft! And our new bedding– a Piggy Bedspread!


(Sally)  I, of course, am practicing my leaping skills by jumping on to cuddle cups!

(Rosey Posey) Look at those– in the right corner!! What could they be– a gift? One of our Xmas presents?

(Rosey Posy) Moving on.. I am in the hay-box! Unfortunately it is a bit small at the moment but soon we will have a second level!


(Sally) Bringing the attention back to me, of course…munch…munch…-here is one of our Christmas presents! It is a cuddly sack made by Genevieve in lovely light-blue! For the winter season. Doesn’t my lettuce…munch… look delicious?

(Rosey Posey) These were our Christmas presents– hanging beds, I….munch….munch got orange and Sally got blue to match the cozy.

(Rosey Posey) Look at my…munch….lettuce! Only look though, because I won’t be…munch…sharing!!!

(Sally) I…munch…. have lettuce too, you know. And look at my hanging…munch… bed!!!

(Rosey Posey) A great photo- lettuce, Piggy Bedspread, me, Sally, and our two hanging beds!

(Sally) I agree….munch…munch…munch. Happy New Year!


Our Christmas- Part 1

Hello, hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas– so here, for your enjoyment, the royal Christmas photos!


Oh look! It’s a statue with a Santa hat! And would you look at the goregeous red velvet background?


Single portrait shot! Only Rosey Posey if you please!


Close up! Without Santa Statue Man!


And one of Sally!

The two of us together, looking glamourous!


And again!


Us With the Santa Statue!


Don’t we look lovely?


And lastly!


Christmas Wishlist

Yes, it is that time of year again. In fact, it’s Christmas Eve-Eve!

It is a bit late to be writing letters to Santa, but here we go:

Dearest Santa,

We would very much like it if you would please fill our stockings to the very top with salad and other delicious tidbits. Here are the things we would like for Christmas:


1) Salad with all these lovely ingredients:


2) A Cozy Hanging Bed like this one:

(credit: Cavy Cages Forum)


3)New Stockings


4)More Friends

(these friends would be friends from a distance, to chat with while they’re on the other side of the cage)


Thanks Santa!


Sally and Rosey Posey

Christmas is Coming

Oh my! It is nearly Christmas already.  To get into the holiday spirit we have added a new background to our lovely blog. Blue and white polka dots! For Christmas we are asking for a cozy to match.

A picture left from Halloween.

And of course our lovely polka dots.

It is Royal Guinea Pig Photo Shoot time!!! The Royal Guinea Pigs (especially Sally) are very excited about their new yellow-candy-heart cozy!

(Sally) look at my lovely cuddle cup, Genevieve just made it for me! It is yellow! My new favorite color! Rosey, what’s yours!

(Rosey Posey) my cuddle cup is just as good as yours! I like rainbows– like the color of mine!

(Sally) Don’t I look good! And the lettuce is delicious too. I love my new yellow cuddle cozy.

(Sally) Oh, look! It’s Genevieve’s gorgeous hand. A guest appearance! Now where could all of that lettuce gone? ROSEY POSEY!

(Rosey Posey) Your lettuce was underneath you, you were sitting on it.  I want a turn in this new  cuddle cup cozy! Isn’t this comfy!

(Sally) Oh, of course, thank you. Why can’t you go back to your rainbow cozy, and we can BOTH be comfy!

(Rosy Pose) Let me just get myself situated, and have a bite of lettuce as well!

(Sally) I thought we were supposed to be doing a photo shoot…..?

(Rosy Pose) Yes! If only you’d move your big fat bottom, there would be more room for me!

(Sally) You’re the one that’s hogging all the lettuce! No wonder you’re the size of an elephant! Now, let’s take a good picture!

(Rosey Posey) There we are! Splendid. Genevieve can hang it on her wall!

(Sally) Hey! Guess what? The towel matches MY new cozy! Hip-hip-hooray! We finally took our fabulous photo.


Happy Thanksgiving, this year we have a lot to be thankful for!

Today, we got our very own Piggy Bedspread (from PiggyBedSpreads.com)! This is the fabric we chose, with pink sides!

We hope you got something just as nice to be thankful for!

Our Halloween

It has been a very busy time in The Royal Piggies’ household. With Halloween and Rosy Pose’s birthday coming up… so we could not post about Halloween. Here is a summary of what we did, though now it is nearing Thanksgving!


Our wonderful cage was decorated with lots of things, like the Happy Pumpkin and the Twin Witches.


Here is another view, you can see Rosy Pose in a cuddle cup, and Sally peeking out of the Pigloo!


Although we did not dress up, Big Dog was a pumpkin!


We said hellos, and complimented Big Dog on his costume!


He brought us special Guinea Pig Carrot Cookies that he made!

That was Our Halloween!